Microsoft Win 2000 Advanced Server 25 CALs

Microsoft Win 2000 Advanced Server 25 CALs
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  • Manufacturer: Microsoft
  • Type: Retail Boxed, Full Edition
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Product Description

With the Windows 2000 Server operating system, Microsoft has accomplished a goal rarely achieved in the software industry: delivered a product that is evolutionary and revolutionary at the same time. Evolutionary in that Windows 2000 builds on the great things about the Windows NT Server 4.0 operating system. Revolutionary in that Windows 2000 Server sets a new standard for how well an operating system can be integrated with Web, application, networking, communication, and infrastructure services. For the first time, you have an easy choice to make about the next server operating system you deploy - whatever your needs.Windows 2000 Advanced Server operating system provides all of the features and benefits of Windows 2000 Server. Plus, it includes additional functionality to enhance availability and scalability of e-commerce and line-of-business applications.

Building on the integrated set of technologies in Windows® 2000 Server, Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Advanced Server provides advanced symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) support, clustering, and load-balancing technologies so you can run more demanding e-commerce and line-of-business applications.


  • Internet-enable your business: Scale out using Network Load Balancing to distribute incoming traffic across server farms when running busy Web servers, Terminal Services, e-commerce, and VPN solutions; Scale up by utlizing the latest server hardware for up to 8-way SMP and up to 8 GB of RAM; integrated Internet services power reliable, high-performance Web sites and applications so they can use the full potential of the Internet.
  • Increased reliability: Two-node, high-availability clustering ensures critical applications are up and running on demand; Network Load Balancing re-distributes Web workload away from failed servers; improved kernel architecture provides design enhancements to increase system uptime; rolling upgrade support to reduce planned downtime for maintenance or upgrades, including upgrades from Windows NT 4.0 clusters.
  • Easier to use and manage: Manage clusters remotely with both the Cluster Administrator and NLB scriptable command line interface from any networked Windows 2000 system; Access and manage Cluster Service clusters as Active DIrectory objects.
  • Best for new devices: Take advantage of the latest server hardware, including up to 8-way SMP using Intel's Profusion chipset and architecture, and up to 8 GB RAM with Intel's Physical Address Extension (PAE).

Specifications / System Requirements

Distribution MediaCD-ROM
Package TypeRetail Boxed Package
License PricingStandard
License TypeComplete Package
License Quantity1 Server, 25 Users
System Requirements:
Min CPU133 MHz Pentium or faster processor (a maximum of 8 CPUs per computer are supported)
Min RAM256 MB (128 MB minimum; 8 GB maximum)
Min Screen Requirements640x480
Peripheral DevicesCD-ROM drive; mouse & keyboard;


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